Indiana University

Software and Hardware


IUware and IUanyWare Choose IUware to download applications to your computer, or IUanyWare to stream applications to your device
Obtaining and licensing software Free and reduced-cost software at IU, about IUware, software available to departments
Requesting software on UITS shared systems Operating system compatibility considerations, deadlines, request instructions
Resources for help with software Windows, Office, word processing, spreadsheets, stat/math packages, databases, GIS and remote sensing


ComputerGuide: Deals by vendor, recommendations, and common questions Deals and recommendations, computers, printers, modems, network cards, peripherals, telephones, pagers, cell phones, used hardware, departmental acquisitions
Disposing of old hardware Regulations, whom to contact
Hardware at IU Hardware in the computing labs, equipment you can borrow, adaptive hardware
Hardware repairs Warranties, finding authorized service dealers
Intelligent Infrastructure Virtual systems managed by UITS and available to IU departments for rental
Removable storage media Flash drives, CDs/DVDs, removable media devices on campus